Oil Disposal and Transformer Disposal Services

Transformer Disposal are able to provide efficient transformer and oil removal and disposal services to its customers. We can safely remove and dispose of the dielectric fluids found in transformers and HV & LV switchgear coolants. Our team has a great amount experience in removing redundant transformers, PCB oil and hazardous waste materials using safe and effective working practices.

We operate PCB oil disposal and transformer salvage services in the United States and Canada. Please contact us to discuss your transformer and oil removal requirements. We service in all locations, cities, and states.

Recycling PCB oils
It is important to take all the necessary precautions when removing potentially harmful substances, especially when it contains high levels of PCBs. This is why it is necessary to call in waste removal specialists such as Transformer Disposal to do the job. When decontaminating and dismantling transformers there are legal and environmental regulations in operation regarding how these products should be recycled.

Codes and Regulations
Upon completion of the work, all relevant documentation will be provided, including all consignment notes and a Certificate of Destruction following incineration by approved waste disposal specialists.

Transformer oil removal process
We can manage the safe removal of used transformer oil irrespective of its PCB level. We assess all risks associated with the job as in accordance with the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 2002. Once the plan of work is approved and the method statement is signed, our experienced operatives will be able to start the job.

We will test and analyse the transformer or HV & LV switchgear oil to be removed. We can then determine a programme to isolate the transformers, drain the oil and then flush through before removing the transformers from your site. In doing this, we use the most up to date equipment and will devise an appropriate strategy for the disposal of the transformer oil.

Once the work has been completed we ensure that all pump and hoses are decontaminated using flushing fluid. The work area will also be left clean and tidy.

Safe disposal of PCB oils and transformers
When it comes to the disposal of the transformer oil, we always ensure that a safe level is reached before the disposal process is completed. The vehicles we use are designed specifically for the safe transportation of toxic and hazardous materials.

Recycling and disposal services at competitive rates
Here at Transformer Disposal we offer recycling services for transformer oil as well as old electrical equipment contaminated with PCB. You can take advantage of our disposal services at extremely competitive prices. Give us a call today for a quote and to discuss your requirements.


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