Transformer Oil Recycling

Transformer Disposal (TD) receives bulk oil shipments of Non-PCB and PCB-Contaminated oil to be recycled through our PCBXSM process. This process is an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to incineration. TD is permitted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to dechlorinate (or remove PCB’s) from oil up to 14,499 ppm.

After the oil is chemically treated and reclaimed, the customer receives a Certificate of Disposal for each shipment assuring the customer that TD has properly treated the waste oil and completely removed any liability.

Once the oil has been processed through the PCBXSM process it is sold to industrial and utility customers. Industrial customers typically purchase the Quality Blend oil which can be used in a wide varity of applications. Utilities can purchase Trans-X oil for use in transformers and other electrical equipment.

Using the PCBXSM through our sister company, Power Substation Services, we can also offers customers the opportunity to dechlorinate mineral oil energized transformers. PCBXSM is the only mobile EPA-permitted process for chemically treating PCB oil.

With over 40 million gallons of reclaimed, dechlorinated oil already processed since 1981, PCBXSM has proven to be an effective method for PCB destruction in mineral oil.